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Hey there!

My name is Allison, thank you for being here!

I am passionate about all things health and wellness…..believe wholeheartedly in the mind/body connection….devoted yogi  and registered yoga teacher, as well as avid Pilates practitioner, former gymnast & have been active all my life I believe movement is healing and food is medicine.

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I have a degree in Nutrition and Food Science, am certified functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, board certified holistic health practitioner, integrative nutrition health coach and am certified as a registered yoga teacher. I also am a huge believer in the power of a positive mindset and that a gratitude practice has such a powerful impact on one’s life. I also have learned firsthand that without your health – truly nothing else matters!

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Though I’ve always been a huge health nut and super passionate about all things health & wellness  for as long as I can remember, it was my own extremely difficult chronic health issues that catapulted me into my own business to help others – I found no answers through conventional medicine….no doctors were looking for the “why” with my own debilitating chronic health issues – they were just giving me Rxs and sending me to additional specialists – giving me “a pill for every ill” or an RX for every symptom I was having (A TON) without ever looking into the root cause as to WHY this was happening to me and what was truly going on and no conventional doc was really listening to me. I went through a very long cycle of “trial and error” going from doctor to doctor for years but never getting any answers, never finding the root cause and never getting any better! I decided to take matters into my own hands and help find answers and help to heal myself!

A bit more about me...

I am a dedicated fur mamma (my little  chihuahua is my world) and dedicated wife to the love of my life who is also my best friend – my hubby….born & raised in NJ and currently living in central NJ

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